The Best Reality TV Series On Netflix January 2022

She originally rose to prominence on Flavor Flav’s mid-2000s dating show “Flavor of Love” , in which he welcomed 20 single women to live in his lavish mansion. “Flavor of Love” is a mid-2000s series featuring rapper Flavor Flav and reality TV star Tiffany “New York” Pollard. (Grunts are allowed.) Also on our list is Netflix’s absurd The Ultimatum and HBO Max’s show about DILFs, MILFs, and the kids who love them, My Mom, Your Dad. Seasons 7-12 are available on VH1 with a cable subscription. Because it’s such a behemoth, with conflicts spanning several years, it can be hard to know where to start if you’ve never watched the show. While The Real Housewives of Orange County is the original franchise, the women of Beverly Hills, New York, and Atlanta are much more interesting.

Reality Dating Shows on Netflix, Ranked From Worst to Best

Saw all four currently out in sequence, but each one is great. Sometimes brutal, the well-acted psychosis of the main characters is worth the watch. Love Island UK has got everything you are looking for in a dating show… Drama, romance, sneaky stolen moments, and plenty of broken hearts and betrayal. Too Hot To Handle gained in popularity after the singles were duped into coming onto the reality show under false pretenses, seemingly only interested in bed-hopping and absolutely devastated that they couldn’t. The ensuing drama from pent-up sexual frustration and anger at those disregarding the rules is why this show has been a success.

Naturally, they can tap out at any time, but the winner could pocket anywhere from $500k to a cool one million smackeroos in the seventh season. In addition to cash and considerable bragging rights, the winner of the eighth season also came home with a cool hat he made himself from a deer he killed — after he ate its heart, of course. It made RuPaul a media mogul and turned its winning drag queens into household names, along with inspiring international spin-offs and Drag Race All-Stars. While there has been some controversy around Drag Race and its creator over the years, not to mention some of its contestants, it’s impossible to deny its imprint on the cultural landscape. Kelly is a senior writer covering streaming media for Tom’s Guide, so basically, she watches TV for a living.

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The good news is that the Farmer wants a wife and will be premiered on the 8th of March at 9 pm ET. The series will only be available on FOX, and you must get a subscription if you want to get a sneak peek of what will soon be the world’s favorite reality show. The show will have nine episodes, each narrating the women’s journey to finding love. Sarah is a freelance writer and regularly writes for publications including, Independent, BBC and What to Watch. Sarah loves gritty crime dramas, sitcoms, and reality shows, while she always amazes her friends at how quickly she can binge-watch the latest on-trend Netflix show. Based on the UK version of Love Island, Love Island USA is jam-packed with the same scandal and romance as the British version.


The biotechnology entrepreneur was convicted of criminal fraud — but has maintained that her signature deep, baritone voice is authentic. A satisfactory take on a truly absurd piece of recent history. Another addition to the Ryan Murphy cinematic universe, Dahmer tells the story of convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who across more than a decade, murdered 17—mostly Black and gay—teen boys and young men. The show aims to address the systemic failures that allowed Dahmer to remain at large for so many years, and tell the story from the point of view of Dahmer’s victims and his neighbor, Glenda Cleveland, who tried to stop him. From mysterious deaths to infamous scams, there’s something for every true crime fan.

Over two seasons, the show delves into the dark secrets of its titular town, through characters like a criminal attorney, a prisoner and the niece of Jack Torrence. King fans will appreciate the references, while everyone can enjoy the rich psychological horror. Centered on a woman who has a nervous breakdown, This Way Up is the kind of comedy that adds a shade of darkness to the stream of jokes.

The Netflix dating show and social experiment Love is Blind is finally coming back with a new set of singles ready to fall in love sight unseen. If you somehow missed the first season, the participants who couple up after meeting in the pods, having never seen each other, have a month to get married once they meet, proving whether or not love can truly be blind. These are their problems.” Time for another refreshing break from all the misery of prestige dramas (as much as we love them!). It makes no sense that there are 11 seasons of a show that premiered 6 years ago, but that’s how this crew of Canadian comedians rolls.

This eerie series will definitely make you glad to have your partner close by. Yeah, television can– I’ve spoken to some actors that can shoot four different episodes in a day. Inspired by the stories of Stephen King, Castle Rock blends complicated characters and mystery with classic King themes.

There’s something intriguing about this long-running MTV series that makes you keep watching. Not only do the people highlighted on Catfish have potential dating issues, but they’re also not really sure username if the person they’re talking to is real. In the end, the show is part dating program and part mystery. This series may have only lasted for three seasons, but IMO, it deserved at least a few more.

Misfits creator Howard Overman teams up with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to bring us this ludicrous comedy about a time traveling janitor. After Josh Futturman completes his favorite video game, the characters come to life and recruit him to help save the world. Along with the dumb jokes and surprisingly compelling sci-fi, there’s a sense of nostalgia that enriches the overall fun. SNL star Aidy Bryant is all charm and relatability in this comedy that offers an honest look at the life of a young woman learning to accept her body. The theme streams through her work and love life, with some standout secondary characters including the hilarious Patti Harrison along for the ride. While some of the storylines are a little familiar, Shrill is nevertheless both delightful and uplifting.

While certain survivalist shows, like Survivor, have been around for decades, there’s been a surge recently in programs about life in the wilderness. In a society so saturated with technology, we apparently have a deep interest in seeing what a simpler life might be like — at least from the comfort of our own couches. Intended to emulate the earliest known iterations of society — the cavemen — Naked and Afraid is both one of the crudest and most fascinating survivalist shows streaming at the moment. The contestants, all excellent DIY-ers from across the United States, must complete handmade projects week by week until one is crowned the Master Maker.