Bartise Addresses ‘Smokeshow’ Backlash After Shock ‘Love Is Blind’ Scene

He accepted, and viewers received a do-over of his unlikeable behavior when it aired. Completely different from what Bartise had expected, Nancy not only agreed with his proposal but also rejected the idea of continuing their friendship from that moment on. She later stated that she had gained confidence in herself and that letting go of Bartise was quite freeing for her. Bartise has shared several posts featuring his former fiance, but Nancy has mainly only spoken up about her fellow cast members in general without any specific mentions of her former beau, as seen above. Considering everything they went through together, we believe that the duo has at least reached some sort of understanding and is now on civil terms. Our heartfelt wishes are with the two reality stars, and we hope they find their true love match soon.

Netflix released the Love Is Blind reunion special last week, giving us a snapshot at each of the season 3 pairs’ lives at the time. Now, After the Altar isn’t known for giving the most up-to-date look at the couples. By the time the season 2 special aired, both of the remaining couples (Iyanna and Jarette, and Danielle and Nick) had already split up. April has already been quite the month for Love Is Blind contestants — both past and present. With Season 4 of the Netflix reality series coming to a close, the drama is at an all-time high (on and off the show).

Nancy Rodriguez: Family And Fiance

Throughout their cam, Rodriguez suggests she has not yet told her household members one to this woman is however inside the touch that have Bowden. On symptoms, Rodriguez and you will Bartise Bowden get back and address their breakup during the the newest altar. Towards the end of one’s unique, Rodriguez tells Bowden she really wants to move ahead from their matchmaking and no stretched become family relations.

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Another photo showed Bartise wearing a shamrock necklace while holding his mini-me, who was dressed in a green onesie and matching beanie with a clover print, seemingly in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. The Love Is Blind alum announced on April 7 that he has welcomed a baby boy. While we couldn’t find any actual films or TV shows that he’s been in, he has lots of comedic #content on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. During her graduation years, Nancy donated eggs eight times, each donation consisting of around 25 to 30 eggs. While she does not feel like a parent to any kids that might result from said donations, she has made sure that the kids can contact her should they desire to do so after turning 18. He wondered why Jaffrey had not previously voiced her unhappiness.

However, a previous star from the marriage experiment, Bartise Bowden, is currently making waves. As fans know, Bartise previously appeared in season three of Love Is Blind during which he got engaged to Nancy Rodriguez in the pods. However, the pair ended up breaking up after he said no at the altar.

These two had a massive falling out just days after meeting face to face during the trip to Mexico. The whole argument began with Carlton coming out as bisexual and ended with some truly nasty words exchanged. Diamond did return to Netflix in 2023 to appear on Perfect Match. Nancy later said that “something is off” between the pair, noting how Bartise had been less physical with her since settling into a routine back in Dallas.

During Day 4 of the Love Is Blind experiment, Alexa tells Tudum, Brennon was “ready to leave” — with her, of course. Instead, they decide to stay for the pod “magic,” and the couple enjoys a beautiful wedding in Episode 10. They’ve now been married for over a year, and Alexa calls Brennon her “best friend.” Brennon is delighted he can finally tell the world Alexa is his wife. As for Barnett, he admitted that he still hasn’t fully “processed” everything that’s happened from “the worst day ever,” but has been relying on his friends and family for support.

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While SK’s family was welcoming of Raven (including his super-sweet mom), Raven’s family wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding. The pair also had very different views on their future living situation; Raven didn’t want to change her lifestyle after getting married, which meant no relocating to California with SK for grad school. She also wanted him to contribute to her rent in Dallas while he was a student (which is admittedly a lot to ask because, again, he’ll be a student). Bowden has previously commented appearing to be a “villain” on the dating show Love Is Blind. On the show, contestants form connection on voice alone, then commit to marrying each other before they can meet in real life.

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“Maybe it’s love, but it might also be vomit. That’s me. But I’m also really happy.” “We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways,” the former couple shared. A second woman, whose username is @hannahbethstyle on TikTok, then claimed she dated Alagbada in 2019 and got back together with him once filming for his dating show wrapped in 2021. “These allegations have been falsely misrepresented with malicious intent, and we are actively pursuing legal actions against some of the accusers involved,” Alagbada continued in his post. Perfect Match alum Ines Tazi also commented with a congratulations for the new doting dad.

Taking to TikTok, reality TV content creator, Zachary Reality, wrote that he can “confirm” that the mother is not one of the Perfect Match cast members. He announced the news that he’s a father but is yet to share who his son’s mother is. In April 2023, Bartise revealed that he’s now a father and shared photos of himself with his son. Love Is Blind Season 4 is currently airing on Netflix with new episodes premiering on Fridays. They are the other couple that got married in Season 3, besides Alexa and Brennon. Colleen and Matt are still together today, although they’re still not living together.