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Muslim kids guide Salah & Wudu

Muslim kids guide – Salah & Wudu Islamic apps for kids : Muslim kids guide : Salah [Prayer] & Wudu [ablution] is an Islamic application for children to learn how to perform Salah [Prayer] and Wudu [ablution]. The app has very nice graphics. Application teaches the Rakats for each Prayer and also teaches Wudu through a step […]

E-QURAN – islamic quran apps

E-QURAN القرآن الكريم – quran apps E-Quran (Holy Quran- القرآن الكريم) is a free Quran apps for Android and IOS devices. This Islamic application offers complete Quran Kareem in the elegant Uthmani script and multiple audio recitations and translations. MAIN FEATURES: This quran App teaches you how to learn Quran with the help of audio recitation and transliteration […]

Daily Dua for Kids – muslim dua application Daily Dua for Kids – Muslim dua application  is a collection of all the Duas (prayer of supplication) that we do in our day to day life, with Arabic audio, English and French translation and illustrations. This islamic app will help your kid in learning the most important duas […]

Quran app for kids – Memorize Quran  Memorize Quran for Kids is a quran app developed by Osratouna.com, it helps muslim children and even adults to easily memorize the last 18 Surahs of the Quran. You can choose between two modes (verse by verse or word by word). Features: • Short breaks after recitation to […]

Learn arabic vocabulary application Learn arabic vocabulary application is the perfect tool for toddlers and older children to learn Arabic vocabulary. More than 300 commonly used words including colors, numbers, animals, fruits, verbs, body parts, house items, places, and many more. ►Learn ● 300 words with images to illustrate words and pronunciation recordings by native speakers. […]

Muslim Dua Series – islamic apps Muslim Dua Series is islamic apps based on the Fortress Of The Muslim book which compile all authentic Dua for Muslim to supplicate on a daily basis and on special occasions. The app will help your kids in learning the most important duas for daily activities. MAIN FEATURES: • Daily […]